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It’s World Water Day – Support our Gold Sponsors Red Button

Losing our water maker was one of the most terrifying moments of our crossing. We suddenly were left with no water and for a while didn’t think that we would be able to continue. We lost our water maker on day 15, so for the rest of the 30 days we had to hand pump our water. The hand pump produced about a cup of water after 15 mins, so you can imagine that for 5 adults who are constantly rowing in the heat, this presented a challenge. It meant we had to ration water for the rest of the crossing. It did make us appreciate, how back home we get constant access to clean drinking water, many other people around the world are not so lucky.

Row For Freedom Gold Sponsors, Red Button Design have developed a solution to help villages who don’t have easy access to water.  Many millions of women and children still spend up to 10 hours per day collecting potentially harmful water, resulting in 10,000 deaths each day and making something as simple as having a drink more life-threatening than all forms of violence and war. The midomo transforms harmful water into drinkable water.

To help support the work of Red Button Design please go to their website

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